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When venturing out on a photo-roam, I usually don't have any certain essay or project in mind.  I capture whatever catches my eye.  The light sometimes guides me.  Of course, there are my favorite subjects, anything that lives or once moved.  I grab the image and I know when I have a good one.  Sometimes it needs embellishment and that is where my fun begins.  Adding a spaceship, filling a room with unlikely inhabitants, pumping up the color, or just straightening it out.  I can spend months on an image until I get the right parts and the story completed.

I generally don't make scenes that express angst or worry, I prefer to express... "What If".  I definitely want to have fun during the hours of processing.  

If I were a decent writer I probably would add a story to some of the scenes I create.  But for now......

I hope you enjoy my outlook on life.  




I have created this series to appeal to the children who will be challenged with the enormous task of protecting our environment and exploring new habitats for all living beings. 

It will be their mission to find solutions that address the impacts of our environmental errors. 

This series is intended to delight and encourage imagination in the youngest of minds.   These images are meant to spark interest and nurture imaginative solutions towards interdependence of earth, animals, humans, and technology to create a secure environment for all.

Imagination needs to be encouraged early on and often.

Imagination is what is going to solve our pressing needs.

PS:  I have a fun time creating these images out of spare parts from excellent design elements on sleek cars that catch my eye. 

Thank you for you for looking at my work.

Joeann Edmonds Matthew

Mill Valley, Ca



All composite images are original photographs of mine.  Often combining 15+ images to make a scene.

Please contact me for any inquires.



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